President Don Saracen is flanked by his elegant certificate of office and
erudite master of ceremonies Peter Loescher.
Presidential grandkids Jack and Rachel Brunault
told us the truth about our new leader.
Officers in left photo: Anthony Landi, Secretary; Art Norwalk, President-elect;
Luis Lourenco, Treasurer; Geoff Gaunt, 1st VP
(2nd VP John McGinn not shown.
New board members in right photo: Peter Brock,
Tiffany Bumgardner-Scheffler,
Kris David and Christy Clausen (Avram Cohen not shown).
And guests enjoying the event:
Happy for Happy Bucks: Pete Brock and Margaret Kane;
PDG Russell Bertrand and retiring Asst. Gov. Richard Applebaum;
Jackie Gourd and PP Anthony Hollingshead.
Kevin Oates and Anthony Landi;
Mary Brewster, Sharon Garland and Geoff Gaunt;
Marion Avarista and Nondas Voll;
Jim Alexander and Kevin Kernan.
Richard Leone and Lori DiPersio;
PPs Vince and Paul Borrelli.
Marco Marinelli and Margaret Kane;
PDGs Valerie Perry and Kris David.