Newsletter Date: February 26
Meeting Date: February 21
Reporter: Bryan Cook
For Presidents’ Day, Rev. Ralph Barlow read from Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address: “With malice toward none, with charity for all; with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in: …to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and a lasting peace, among ourselves and with all nations.”
Don Saracen provided an update and invitation to an event at Sophia Academy. On March 8 they will host International Women’s Day with keynote speaker Mai Donohue. The event will be from 11-12:30 and Rotarians are welcome.
The District Assembly will be held April 28-30.
Annual Trade Show will be March 27th. Cost is $25 per table. See John McGinn to register.
Terri Adelman introduced this year’s Literacy Project, Rotary Reads. Volunteers are needed to go into 4th grade classes in 8 elementary schools and talk about books. Please see Terri if you are interested in joining the committee for this project and especially if you are willing to go talk to kids about books.
Members of the Interact Club joined Rotarians and friends “painting up a storm” at the Kizirian School on Saturday.
James Scott, assistant principal at the Harry Kizirian Elementary School, was inducted as our newest member with sponsor Art Norwalk.
Bob Huseby talked about his experience tutoring at the Kizirian School and encouraged others to do so as well. See Bob to learn about our newest hands-on service project.
Cap Willey donated Rotary artifacts found recently as he cleaned out his parents’ home. He generously gave his grandfather’s plaque for 30 years of perfect attendance and his father’s Paul Harris medallion.
Pete Brock—happy for sunshine and warmth to melt the ice on which he slipped and fell.
Richard Applebaum—Pawtuxet Valley Rotary club’s Shamrock Sweepstakes.
Tiffany Bumgardner-Scheffler—Ice Climbing in NH
Cy Wyche $5 to search for the person who called him seeking a donation to the Rotary International Foundation.
Bill David--$5 for his success with the Chess club at San Miguel. Four wins in a row! Must be the coaching.
Dan Murphy—For Tom Brady and one for the thumb.
Kris David—upcoming trip to Newport Beach, CA for her mother’s birthday (90 yrs) and attendance at the Kelly Ripa and Ellen shows.
Jim Gilcreast—in honor of Pete Brock’s appearance in the Pats parade.
Don Saracen—for Christy Clausen and the Interact club.
Christy Clausen and leaders of the Interact Club introduced their new recycling project coinciding with Earth Day in a program they have named Solving Hunger Together.
Hunger has a ripple effect through the lives of kids who struggle with this issue. Meeting food needs allows families to focus resources in other areas such as shoes, clothing and school supplies.
Interact has chosen to focus on wraparound programs that meet hunger needs on weekends, school breaks and vacations for those who may normally get some relief via subsidized breakfast/lunch programs handled by the schools.
They are looking to start a Blessing Box at Kizirian School. A Blessing Box is very much like a cupboard or cabinet which is filled with food and household goods. The boxes are replenished by those in the community who are using them much along the lines of a pay it forward program. As users are able to replace items, they do so.
Interact is seeking $500 in start-up costs via a Go Fund Me account. Christy stressed that food items should be kid friendly as we cannot assume adults will be present to help with food prep and supervision.
Several Rotarians offered financial support at the meeting, which Christy gratefully accepted.
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