Newsletter Date: April 19
Meeting Date: April 13
Reporter: Erica Busillo Adams
INSPIRATION - Walter Adamowicz
Help your neighbor, be optimistic, have hope, and stay the course.”
Geoff Gaunt: Thanks so much to Art Norwalk for keeping us all well-connected through the newsletter and thanks so much to Mary Brewster for helping to set-up our first Zoom meeting!
Donald Saracen: Uplifting news! Folks in the East Bay have donated $38,000 to a local food incubator to distribute food to those in need.
Kris David: DG Steve Albright applied for a $25,000 International Disaster Grant and these funds were approved by Rotary International to come into our district. Clubs in the district can apply for up to $1,000, which can then be distributed to local food pantries, baby centers, etc…
Stephen Hug: Family Service of Rhode Island, through the Be Safe Campaign, is providing free food, cleaning and sanitation supplies, etc… to anyone in need, delivering items directly to the doors of Rhode Islanders statewide.
Welcome to new Providence Rotarian, Karen Mueller!
Happy Birthday to our April Birthdays: Sharon Garland, Tiffany Bumgardner-Scheffler, John McGinn, Peter Loescher, Mike Kelly, Matt DeChirico, Anthony Hollingshead, Connie Donnelly, and Kris David!
Please do check in with fellow Rotarians who live alone during this time.
Liz Messier: $5 happy bucks for her new puppy, Rhett- to go with Scarlett!
Kris David: $1 happy buck—glad to see everyone!
Jim Gilcreast: $1 happy buck—he’s happy!
Barbara Kenerson: $10 happy bucks—is grateful that her son-in-law is recovering from a heart attack and grateful to God and for her daughter, who asked her to remain in Florida and stay safe.
Mary Brewster: Final total raised for Tent Suppers is $3,620! Congratulations to the Club! Disaster Aid USA is now raising funds for PPE for first responders.
Don Saracen: $5 happy bucks for his 51st wedding anniversary – spent locked in the house together! Don enjoyed time with family this weekend via socially distanced car, bike, and phone visits.
Walter Adamowicz: $5 happy bucks for a virtual family gathering.
Margaret Kane: $5 happy bucks for “the only good thing about Alzheimer’s – you can hide your own Easter eggs.”
Art Norwalk: $1 happy buck for all who chose to join us at our first online meeting!
Sharon Garland: $10 happy bucks-grateful to see everyone and for getting more techie!
Geoff Gaunt: $5 happy bucks for upping his cooking game.
Bryan Cook: $5 happy bucks for staying optimistic! It’s great to be home with family (the kids are home from college and they actually have to spend time with us).
Mary Cheyne, runner-up in a national public speaking competition, gave us some advice on how to speak powerfully—whether in person or online.
Early in her career, Mary was a computer programmer and often hid behind her desk because she was self-conscious and socially awkward. She now believes that public speaking is a skill that all people can learn, and explained her “inside-out approach” to speaking powerfully. Public speaking starts with you—you are your biggest asset!
A core takeaway from Mary’s talk is that self-confidence and “knowing your own value” are essential to becoming an excellent public speaker. Your authentic voice is stronger than your inner critic!
She shared the following tips for speaking online:
  • Connection: Simulate an audience. Paste pictures of loved ones on your computer or laptop to help with eye contact!
  • Interactive: Ask questions of your audience when speaking online. Make use of the chat feature on most online conferencing platforms and / or create an interactive poll!
  • Mix It Up: Have a guest speaker. Introduce a new point of view. Ask someone to co-host a meeting with you.
Mary closed her talk by asking Rotarians to use this time to invest in themselves and their personal and professional growth. “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”
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