Newsletter Date: March 15
Meeting Date: March 9
Reporter: Bob Murphy
Jan Feyler quoted Dr. Jonas Salk - "My ambition was to bring to bear on medicine a chemical approach. I did that by chemical manipulation of viruses and chemical ways of thinking in biomedical research." Dr. Salk developed the vaccine that enabled Rotary to virtually eliminate Polio in the world. Let us hope that today's medical researchers will emulate Dr. Salk and develop a vaccine for COVID 19.   
As Pres. Geoff announced on Friday, the next two Monday club meetings – March 16 and 23 – are cancelled to help prevent spread of the coronavirus. His advice to all Rotarians: follow guidance from the public health professionals, stay safe and stay in touch.
Kris David advised that on March 16 at the Town Hall Bowling lanes in Johnston there will be a "Pins For Polio " fundraiser sponsored by Providence and North Providence Rotary clubs. Teams are being formed with a donation of $20 per person.
Mary Brewster advised that the Tent Supper fundraisers are going well with three more scheduled.
Pete Brock advised that he will chair the committee planning the Fall Literacy Gala and requested those interested in serving on the committee to contact him. 
PP Anthony Hollingshead joined everyone in welcoming PP Cynthia Leonard for a visit. 
Margaret Kane will be happy when we turn clocks back in fall,
Barry Fain for visiting grandchildren in New York City and California and golfing in Arizona. Also hoping all goes well for daughter in San Francisco whose duties in her position with the City include handling issues related to returning cruise ship with passengers with virus issues.
Phil Gossell for a nice Tent Supper experience.
Holly Applegate happy to have hosted a Tent Supper. 
Connie Donnelly happy that Erica Busillo Adams has arranged an alternate meeting at newly renovated Providence Public Library on March 19 and hopes members will come and bring a guest. Update: This event has been postponed.
Geoff Gaunt for great welding class he took at The Steelyard in Providence.
Avram Cohen and Richard Applebaum for an excellent Tent Supper at Barry Fain's residence. 
Paul Segal for Tent Supper at Liz Messier's residence and for Holly Applegate taking over Boston Pops duties from him.
Jim Gilcreast has a buck, he’s happy.
HAPPY BUCKS ARE NOT CANCELLED!! Even when we’re not meeting, members want to know the good news in your life or anything else you’d like us all to know. Send in your Happy Buck announcement by simply replying to this email and we’ll circulate them to everyone along with other club and Rotary news during the no-meeting period. (We’ll also keep a record and collect the bucks when we get back together.)

Carol Scaizo, Vice President of Hit The Web Marketing Co., spoke on issues of website security for protection of websites from hacking and cyberattacks. Ms. Scaizo's company was itself victimized by a severe infiltration of viruses and malware into its website and email accounts which necessitated a total rebuild of the systems.
She set forth a summary of indicators of failures in website security and remedies for such failures. Among the remedies were website backup, having the host company clean the site and upgrading login procedures.
Another growing danger in website security is "Ransomware" - the procedure by which hackers take over a website and demand payment to rectify it. Often the most economical way to rectify the site is to pay the ransom. In 2015, $325 million in ransom was paid.
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