Newsletter Date: September 17
Meeting Date: September 11
Reporter: Jan Feyler
Holly Applegate told of the valiant and simple deeds of the many individuals who volunteered their time and skills to help those afflicted by Hurricane Harvey. SERVICE ABOVE SELF.
President Don asked for a moment of silence for those affected by Hurricane Irma.
DG Steve Certa, ADG Ed McDonough and PP Bill DiBiasio are all involved with organizations working with the victims of the two hurricanes. More will go out in an email to members.
PDG Kris has information on a long term, 6 weeks or a year, Rotary Exchange Program for youth ages 15-18 ½. See her for details.
Bill David spoke about corporate sponsorship and John McGinn spoke about member sponsorship of the Street Painting Festival.
See George Burman if you want to attend Jim Alexander’s recognition event on 9/22.
Paul Segal and Ron Hoak sport party hats to mark "one more year" as Wendy Marcus recognizes all September birthday celebrants.
Thanks, Jane Kratsch, for collecting!
Steve Hug for his friends and family who survived the hurricane in Florida.
PP Anthony for his guest from the Salvation Army, a former Rotarian and past president.
Bob Morse for his second grandchild and first grandson.
PP Barbara Harris for her personal tour of Swan Point conducted by Anthony.
Maxine and Av Cohen for their daughter’s wedding on 9/3.
Jim Gilcreast urged us to see the “Man in the Red Bandana.”
Art Norwalk for the Rotarians who have referred speakers to him. Meeting programs are now booked into mid-January.
Mike Kelly who reported he had lunch with Cy Wyche--he’s doing well.
Paul Segal for celebrating 57 years of marriage.
In one of the more unusual programs any Rotarian can remember, David Gracer told why he is a zealous proponent of entomophagy, consumption of insects, which are loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals. Charles Darwin was the first to write about eating insects. He showed us a cookbook, The Insect Cookbook. Insects can be raised efficiently and help solve global food shortages.
David Gracer holds termites in a scene from
a National Geographic special.
He reminded those of us who recoil from eating insects that the crustaceans we eat are bottom feeders eating feces, dead things, while insects eat green things!! We can purchase frozen insects from Thailand in small Asian markets in the city.
David is a lifelong passionate educator, an adjunct professor of writing at CCRI and also teaches at the prison. He has boated to all 51 islands in Narragansett Bay and participated in a 220 mile survival special in Africa where he got most of his nutrition from insects.
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