Newsletter Date: May 5
Meeting Date: April 29
Reporter: Sharon Garland
Ron Hoak offered an inspiration on the importance of giving, sharing and generosity. If someone believes they can’t be concerned about others, they will always be poor. When we give to others it is an investment that will come back to us in the future. When somebody shares, everyone wins. The amount isn’t important, what matters is what it represents in that our life. Only by giving are we able to receive more than we already have.
Holly Applegate reminded the club of a fun evening to support our club operations! Plan to attend the Barker House Players’ May 16 production of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” Tickets are $35 with a 6:30 pm garden reception and 7:30 show time. Liz Messier stars in the play and Art Norwalk is doing lighting (he’ll figure it out!). See Holly or go to the club website for reservations.
President Art announced that the Board is considering dropping the seven Tuesday meetings after Monday holidays. Comments are welcome at or to any officer or board member.
Pete Brock shared the exciting news that the club’s new gala fundraising dinner to benefit the Childhood Literacy Initiative will be held on Tuesday, October 1 at the Marriott. See Pete to volunteer. The goal is to have a majority of planning completed by mid-June. He’ll update the club on event details on May 13.
Speaking of May 13 – our meeting will begin at 12:30 instead of 12:15 on that day. We’ll be in the “bowling alley” downstairs where a previous meeting is ending at noon and the Marriott promises a lightning-fast reset of the room.
ably collected by Margaret Kane
Jan Feyler for two fabulous weeks in Florence.
Wendy Marcus for Walter Adamowicz and Kevin Kerman’s trash collection selfies - it’s not too late to fill a bag and send your photo to Wendy!
Avram Cohen for his & Maxine’s daughter’s job promotion.
Geoff Gaunt for spending time with his 98-year old grandfather.
Don Saracen for his sister-in-law’s comment on arriving in Bristol from Montana, “let’s go get lobster!”
Margaret Kane for seeing Rotarians Jan Feyler and Sharon Garland over the weekend.
Pete Brock for his 12th hand surgery and the start of Football for You program in Fall Fiver on May 3.
Danny Smith, principal at the Kizirian Elementary School, updated the club on the school’s progress. Today’s school day started with a visit from the new RI Commissioner of Education, Angelica Infante-Green. It was her first day on the job and students welcomed her with signs in the languages of their native countries – 20 different languages!
He thanked club members for our continued commitment to the students. Painting the building, the lobby mural, tree planting, as well as books for a library in each classroom, have been an enormous help to the students who must face significant challenges to overcome language barriers and the impact of poverty. Forty-five percent of the students are English language learners and 94% meet the guidelines for free or reduced priced meals.
The staff recognizes that before the children can focus on their lessons, an environment needs to be created at the school where each child feels loved and safe. When club members go into the school on a regular basis to read, tutor or spend time talking over lunch this helps the children know they are cared for by adults in addition to their family members.
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