Newsletter Date: May 12
Meeting Date: May 6
Reporter: Sharon Garland
Tomorrow’s meeting (May 13)
starts at 12:30 instead of 12:15
Randy Dittmar shared his daughter’s thoughts on the importance of self-reflection. While some say that things like a supermoon or tides, influence how we progress in life, ultimately, it’s up to each individual. She suggests we forget what “should be” and go with our own instinct because, ultimately, it’s up to us to choose our own path.
President Art welcomed K Murali Krishna and his wife, K Chandrakala, from the Rotary Club of Anakapalle, India.
They brought their club’s flag and locally made gifts for our president and secretary.
May birthdays were celebrated with Wendy Marcus presenting tulips to: President Art, Holly Applegate and Luis Lourenco.
Herb Altman, former member of the Coral Gables, Florida, Rotary Club, was installed and pinned by PP Anthony Hollingshead. Herb taught high school for many years in California, has a strong interest in literacy and looks forward to participating in the club’s work at the Kizirian School.
Holly Applegate reminded members to sign up for the Thursday, May 16, performance of “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” by The Players at Barker Playhouse. It’s $35 per person to benefit the club and Liz Messier is a featured performer.
Anthony Hollingshead for Amy Manchester providing pizzas from her company, Flatbread Pizza, for a recent Rotary children’s after school project.
Don Saracen for computer pioneer, Ken Thompson’s induction into the 2019 Computer Hall of Fame.
Cap Willey for working with Randy Dittmar to develop business tax law legislation and lobby the Rhode Island Legislature for these changes that have a good chance of passing this session.
Bill David for starting a chess club for fourth grade students at the Kizirian School.
Maury Ryan – now his wife, Mary Lou (a guest today,) knows what he does on Mondays!
Don Nokes, President of local IT firm NetCenergy, gave us a view of the extent of computer hacking and offered valuable tips to help protect business and personal data.
According to Mr. Nokes, every day there are 1.2 million attacks by computer hackers in the US. While many target businesses or large institutions, individuals are not immune to attacks.
Ransomware, where encrypted software is installed by hackers on a computer, is a good example of one attack method. The hacker locks down the computer so the victim can’t get access to their data without paying a fee or “ransom” for a key to get rid of the malicious encryption.
Hackers use a combination of phishing, spyware, Trojans and BOTS to unleash havoc on computers. It can happen to anyone who uses the internet, so he provided tips on how to protect ourselves. Be vigilant and take the time to protect your online security:
  • Have a good virus protection software like, Norton and be sure it is updated.
  • Choose a good email provider- he suggests not using Yahoo, known for security breaches. If you have Yahoo stop using it, get a new email provider, but don’t delete Yahoo completely. If you delete it, you will be open to additional security breaches.
  • Passwords should be three or four words, maybe from a song you’ll remember. Misspelling one of the words is a good technique to to fend off automated attacks to your accounts.
  • When visiting a website, always say no to the question: “do you want to save this password?” especially if the password is linked to a finically account, like your bank.
  • In a public place, like an airport, consider turning off WiFi and Bluetooth to reduce hacking exposure.
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