July 3rd Newsletter

Meeting Date:  June 28, 2022

Reporter:  Barbara Harris

Outgoing President Holly Applegate called the meeting to order and handed off to Past President Peter Loescher as master of ceremonies for the Installation of the 112th Board and Officers of the Providence Rotary Club, where the theme of the year 2022-23 is “Imagine Rotary.”
Jim Gilcreast lead  the Pledge of Allegiance with great inspiration from Red Skelton who asked that we focus on each word of the pledge and appreciate how fortunate we are to live in a country that protects freedom and unity of government by the people.
Paul Harris (aka Walter Cotter) gave us inspiration and honored Holly Applegate and congratulated incoming President Steve Hug.
Rotary Singers
Holly Applegate and Liz Messier led the club in a rousing song of America the Beautiful.
Honorary Dignitaries in Attendance
Past District Governor, Charlene Jarest, and Sharon Johnson DG elect nominee.
Margaret Holland McDuff, CEO of Family Services of Rhode Island; PP Cynthia Leonard, Jennifer Renone of Family Services, Laura McNamara (“significant other” of Steve Hug), PP Roger DeFelice, Parker Smith, Janet Collins, Suzanne Cannon, Roberta Segal, Roberta Segal’s daughter and son-in-law, Linda and Dan Blinn.
Liz Messier reminded members to donate the the Good Works Committee for back to school student kits, $55 each.
Well wishes for speedy and complete recovery to Margaret Kane who was in the hospital.
Happy Bucks
Cap Wiley conducted “happy bucks”
  • Cap Wiley gave $5 , $ 1 in memory of Paul Segal and $4 for Margaret Kane’s recovery.
  • Anthony Landi:  $5 for his anniversary
  • Walter Adamovic: $5 in memory of good friend Paul Segal
  • Steve Hug: Happy buck for year ahead
  • Kris David: $3 for Charlene Jarest, Sharon Johnson, Billy Roberts, Holly, and Steve
  • Holly Applegate: $5 in honor of Steve Hug and get well wish for Margaret Kane
  • Cynthia Leonard: in honor of Holly and Steve
  • Suzanne Cannon: $5 in memory of Paul Segal
  • Nondas Voll: happy buck for Roberta and Paul Segal
  • Art Norwalk: $10 for Steve Hug, Margaret Kane, and Don Saracen knee surgery recovery
  • Linda and Dan Blinn: $20 in memory of Paul Segal
  • Barry Fain: $5 for Steve Hug and Margaret Kane
  • Jim Gilcreast: $5 for Roberta and Paul Segal
  • Charlene Jarest: $5 for her love of the Providence Rotary Club
  • Sharon Johnson: $5 for Holly and Steve
  • Maury Ryan: $5 for Rotary Book Club
  • Richard Applebaum: $10 for thank you to Charlene, Sharon, Kris, Holly, Steve, and Roberta and Paul Segal
  • Don Saracen: $10 for Steve Hug as the 112th club president and in gratitude of the contribution made by Paul Segal.
Paul Harris Awards
Richard Applebaum presented the following special Paul Harris awards to Mary Brewster –for her Good Works Committee, Paul Segal (posthumously) – for a lifetime career of giving back to the community, and Holly Applegate – for her success at guiding the club through the Pandemic crisis with unparalleled leadership.
Peter Loescher then began the installation of following 2 year tenured Board Members who were installed by Sharon Johnson:  Bill Applegate, Jim Gilcreast, Liz Messier, Sharon Garland, and Bill Murphy.  Thank yous were given to outgoing board members for their excellent service to the club.
Officers were then installed by Sharon Johnson: Luis Laurenco, Treasurer, Peter Loescher, Asst Treasurer,  Mary Brewster, Secretary, Cap Wiley,2nd VP, Pete Brock, 1st VP, Kris David, President-Elect, and Steve Hug, as 112th President.
Peter Loesher introduced our new club President as born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jesuit educated, 25 year career as an executive with Family Services of Rhode Island, 17 years as a Rotarian, father of 2 children, an actor, singer, song writer, and then proceeded to play a YouTube clip of Steve Hug’s early career as DJ “Steve Valentine” for B101 radio.
President Steve Hug then gave his first Presidential remarks:  thanking all who worked on his installation, especially Kris David.  He asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of Paul Segal and his great works as a Rotarian.  Thank you to Margaret Holland McDuff and Jennifer Ranone of Family Services, PP Cynthia Leonard, who invited him to join Rotary, and to Laura McNamara, exec. Dir. East Providence Chamber of Commerce and his significant other.
Steve then addressed what he hoped to accomplish in his presiding year, chief among which is a return to in-person meetings, building on Legends for Literacy, and having speakers from under-represented communities. Steve wishes for his term to be known as “The Great Re-engagement” with Rotary and to accomplish this he will reach out to new and existing members to make the club larger and more engaged with good will and better friendship as his objectives. The club then rose to give Steve Hug a standing ovation.
Peter Loescher then adjourned the meeting.


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