Newsletter Date: April 29
Meeting Date: April 24
Reporter: Jan Feyler
Jane Kratsch, Fellowship Chair: “Love is the energy of a steadfast will bent on creating fellowship.” It is our combined energy and steadfastness that makes our differences drop away and allows us to establish friendships and collectively make a difference in the world.
Members observed a moment of silence in memory of Holly Applegate’s father, F. Steele Blackall
Providence Rotarians helped out at the Multi-District Conference. Rob Black (plus Parker Smith, Sharon Garland, Mary Cullen and others) staffed our club table in the Hall of Friendship. Luis Lourenco and James Scott volunteered at the event registration table. And Bill DiBiasio displayed a ShelterBox tent.
Wendy Marcus announced that trees purchased by our club will be planted on Westminster Street on May 9 at 4pm. Interact members are involved and Rotarians are invited. On the occasion of Earth Day she distributed bags for members to pick up litter in their neighborhoods and send a photo of our good work to her.
President Anthony thanked Randy Dittmar and Jan Feyler for the foundation’s quick responses to the club’s needs.
Holly Applegate promoted “Godspell”, May 11, 7:30 pm, $25/ticket including appetizer or a beverage – reserve and pay for yours on the club web site.
Terri Adelman asked for volunteers to read in 6 schools in Providence for our Rotary Reads program.
The next painting session at Kizirian Elementary School is Saturday, May 13, 8 am-noon. Please notify Art Norwalk if you can help out for all or part of the time.
The Million Dollar meal will take place on May 15 at RIPBS Channel 36.
The book club has read and discussed 170 books since its inception.
News about members-Lee Miller is dealing with cancer and George Babcock had surgery last week.
Pres. Anthony and Pres-elect Don donned black tie and journeyed to New Haven to help celebrate the 100th birthday of the New London club, which we helped establish in 1917, and other Connecticut anniversaries.
Pete Brock is now committed to healthy eating—the doctor told him he had a-fib and he got paddled the next day and is now “synchronized.”
Wendy Marcus for Remembrance Day, of the 6 million who died in Hitler’s Holocaust.
Jane Kratsch for Newman Congregational Church’s gospel music.
George Burman for his trip to Israel until June!
Barry Fain for the great Paint Off! Event, and for Steele Blackall’s columns on wine in his paper.
Randy Dittmar—tax season is over!

The Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence was founded in 2001 based on the principles and practices of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s theory of nonviolence. Paul J Fox, Executive Director, son and grandson of Providence Rotarians, summed up the Institute in one word, “Relationships.” He announced that longtime institute board member Nondas Voll is the newest recipient of the Sister Ann Award, the institute’s highest award.
Providence Police Capt. Dean Isabella spoke about the relationship between the police and the institute. He is considered an expert in police-community relations and was the first officer in the US to be recognized by the US Department of Justice for community engagement. He spoke about growing up on the West End and his desire from his childhood to be a police officer and to help his neighborhood. He said he institute gives individuals a chance to reinvent themselves after making bad decisions and is a positive influence.
Jose Rodrigues is a victim services case manager for the institute. Born in Puerto Rico, he also grew up in the West End, but he was an active gang member, making bad decisions, when he first met Capt. Isabella who “saw him as a person. He actually cared for me as a person.” Jose received his Bachelor’s degree and began working for the institute when he ran into Capt. Isabella again, under much different circumstances. The captain is his role model who taught him that he can become the person he wants to be and that the police aren’t bad. Jose is planning to attend law school.
Both spoke about relationships as the heart of the institute’s success.
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