State's New Black History Curriculum
Nov 23, 2021 11:45 AM
Keith Stokes, VP of the 1696 Heritage Group
State's New Black History Curriculum

Keith Stokes is one of the prime movers behind a Black history public school curriculum signed into law in July by Gov. Dan McKee.  As reported July 30th by the Providence Journal, “The new curriculum will cover the African diaspora to Rhode Island, which began with the first slave ship in 1696, and later drew individuals of African descent from the Caribbean as well as Central and South America.”

Mr. Stokes is Vice President of the 1696 Heritage Group, a historical consulting firm dedicated to helping persons and institutions of color increase their knowledge and access to the truth of their unique American heritage.  He is a frequent national, state and local lecturer in community and regional planning, historic preservation and interpretation with an expertise in early African and Jewish American history.  He has been the recipient of numerous local, state and national awards.

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