FBI's Mission focus, the eye being back on inward focus and community focus
May 11, 2021
Elizabeth Rosato, Special Agent-Criminal Division
FBI's Mission focus, the eye being back on inward focus and community focus

Ms. Rosato was born and raised in Massachusetts.  She received a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Northeastern University in 1994 and a B.A. in English Literature from Trinity College, Hartford, CT in 1990.  Prior to entering on duty, Ms. Rosato served as a Corporate Security Analyst for the Boston banking industry.


Ms. Rosato entered on duty as a Special Agent on September 15, 1996.  From 1997 through 2010, SA Rosato was assigned to New York Division.  SA Rosato began her career working Public Corruption investigations to include the successful prosecution of a bribery scheme involving the multi-million dollar renovation project for the Federal Courthouse and Post Office in Brooklyn, NY.  In 1999, SA Rosato joined the Evidence Response Team (ERT) and participated in numerous domestic and international criminal and terrorism crime scenes, including deploying to Aden in the aftermath of the attack on the USS Cole.  Following the attacks of 9/11, SA Rosato was transferred to a Counterterrorism squad specializing in Weapons of Mass Destruction prevention and detection.  During this time, SA Rosato became an ERT Team Leader and responded to multiple crime scenes including several successful LCN body recoveries.  SA Rosato became a certified Police Instructor and ERT instructor and provided classes on forensic crime scene investigation to hundreds of state, local and foreign law enforcement partners.


In 2005, SA Rosato was transferred to the New York Special Operations Division and selected to serve as the Senior Team Leader for the New York ERT, responsible for a 40 person team and dedicated offsite and training facility. During this time, SA Rosato was responsible for the crime scene management of multiple attempted terrorist attacks on New York City as well as team deployments to Jordan, Lebanon, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania and Uganda.


In 2010 SA Rosato was promoted to FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where she worked in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate assigned to its training unit.  SSA Rosato was responsible for the development and implementation of the WMD Coordinators Certification Program.


In April, 2013, SSA Rosato was transferred to the Boston Division, Providence, Rhode Island Resident Agency to serve as the Supervisor of both the JTTF and White Collar Crime programs as well as Crisis Management for the State of Rhode Island.  Under SSA Rosato’s supervision, the squad was responsible for the disruption of an ISIL facilitator and well as the successful prosecution of the Speaker of the Rhode Island House of Representatives.


        In 2014, SSA Rosato began serving as an FBI Adjunct Faculty instructor, teaching Counterterrorism at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Budapest, Hungary and San Salvador, El Salvador. 


From July 2017 until August 2020 SSA Rosato served as Assistant Legal Attaché in Rome, Italy.  She is currently assigned to the Boston Division of the FBI in the Special Operations squad.