The sponsors, donors and attendees to the third Legends for Literacy Gala can take pride in assuring funding for our support for literacy education in the Providence Public Schools next year -- the 2023-24 school year.
At the Gala, we learned some of what's been accomplished with funds raised at the previous two galas....
  • Last year -- 2021-22 -- we funded use of the MyON Reader online library in all the city's middle schools, and this demonstration influenced School District leaders to add funding for the tool in all the elementary and high schools.
  • Also last year, we funded the IRLA Toolkit -- a small-group reading instruction program -- for students needing extra help at Harry Kizirian Elementary School. The toolkit includes measurement of student progress and as the chart below makes clear, the number of students reading at or above grade level more than doubled between October and June:
  • Among other projects this school year -- 2022-23 -- we are funding pilot use of the innovative Reading Horizons program at the Harry Kizirian and George J. West elementary schools. Watch this short video to see how it's going: https://youtu.be/UCmMuLtXdO4 
  • We also sponsored an appearance by former New England Patriots wide receiver and now children's author Malcolm Mitchell, who delivered copies of his book "My Very Favorite Book in the Whole Wide World" to every student at George J. West Elementary School. His visit included a Reading Rally that rocked the school's auditorium -- check it out at https://youtu.be/z426NMTj7_0