Would you like to be a Providence Rotarian?
If you'd like to learn more about what it's like to be a Providence Rotarian
or arrange to attend a meeting and see for yourself,
NEW: Corporate Membership Available
Employers in the Greater Providence area can now sponsor as many as three employees to become members of the Rotary Club of Providence. 
Corporate Membership allows your employees to share in the opportunities for community service, networking, personal growth and fellowship offered by participation in Rotary. As an employer, having your people take part in Rotary can satisfy their desire to give back, help grow their interpersonal and leadership skills and give your organization a broader presence in the community.
Some organizations pay all costs for their Rotarian employees, others ask employees to pay all or part. While that is your option, many companies have found it worthwhile to support their employees in Rotary year after year.
Why have over 85 men and women become members of the Rotary Club of Providence?
Ask around at one of our meetings and you'll hear reasons like:
  • Opportunity to meet congenial people
  • Belief in the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self"
  • Opportunity to create and/or take part in worthwhile community service activities
  • Develop a network of mutual personal and professional support
  • Enjoy year-round fellowship activities
We look forward to meeting you!
Club Members: If you have someone you believe would be a good new member for our club, click here to learn how to do it.