Nov 08, 2022
Frank Lennon
Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame

Mr. Lennon is a West Point graduate, a decorated Vietnam veteran and former Green Beret with corporate experience in commercial aviation.  He holds an M.A. in International Relations from Boston University. For 20 years he ran his own marketing, promotion and publishing business. He has also been an analyst on MSNBC for terrorism and special operations issues. His introduction to museums came in 1996, when he took over the Geneseo, NY-based Wings of Eagles Air Show and the National Warplane Museum. Since 1998 he has led the effort to create a family attraction, educational center, museum and memorial in Rhode Island, featuring an aircraft carrier as the centerpiece. He also successfully negotiated the relocation of the Russian submarine Juliett 484 to Providence, organized and ran Rhode Island’s salute to the centennial of aviation, and launched the Rhode Island Aviation Hall of Fame.